Site maintenance

By maintenance we mean the periodic maintenance and updating of the website content. Maintenance and updating of content is required. Whether there have been changes to your contact details, or you want to display news of interest to your visitors as soon as it becomes available, maintenance is what makes sure your loyal audience returns to your site on a regular basis.

In terms of optimizing a site for search engines, maintenance is almost mandatory. A search engine that notices that a certain page on the site is different from the one it visited last time will understand that that page changes more often and will visit it more and more often. If search engines do not notice changes from one visit to another, they will understand that those pages are static and will reduce the frequency with which they will return to that site, so that any subsequent change in content will be indexed much later.

How to maintain a website

Modifying the content of a web page can be done in several ways, depending on the technologies used to create the site. A static web page will only be editable if the HTML source or code is directly modified using a text editor or web page editing program.
Dynamic sites can contain pages whose content can be updated online using specialized text editors or own administration modules. In this way, maintenance can be done very quickly and easily even by the site owners, without the need for them to have knowledge of HTML. The content of the pages is stored in a database, and the changes made to the content of a page are saved in that database, being then immediately displayed on the site in a modified form.

Sites built on CMS platforms are recommended because their content will be much easier to modify. The price difference between a static and a dynamic site can be recovered very quickly by renouncing the maintenance services after the handover of a site. The training for the use of the site administration module is done only once when the site is handed over and from that moment the beneficiary can make all the updates he considers necessary.

We suggest you choose a website maintenance formula that suits your needs:
– Personal – monthly verification of the proper functioning of the site, one hour of technical intervention every month (upgrade modules, change texts, images), monthly saving of the entire site.
– Premium – weekly check of the proper functioning of the site, 2 hours of technical intervention every month (upgrade modules, change texts, images), weekly save of the entire site.
– Pros – daily check of the proper functioning of the site, 5 hours of technical intervention every month (upgrade modules, change texts, images), daily saving of the entire site.

If additional changes are needed on the site within a month, additional hours will be billed at the price of 30 euros/hour. Timing of the time worked is done automatically through the Toggl platform (monthly reports are issued that will highlight the work performed, the time interval and the time worked).