Whether you want a presentation website or an online store, using a template (model or template) you can save time and money. For that you should first choose a template from our partner site https://modeledesite.ro which is the Template Monster affiliate for Romania. Template Monster is a worldwide developer of templates for professional websites, CMS, Flash and more. With over 30,000 templates available, their offering is unmatched on the Web and covers all styles, technologies and fields of activity.

However, regardless of the quality of the chosen template, it cannot be used as such. You will need to insert your logo, slogans, images and texts, and probably change colors, fonts, button text, header, add a contact form or other functionality. In short, you need to customize the template to fit your specific image and needs. You will also need the optimization of the pages for good indexing in the search engines, the installation of your site on a web server. All these operations need time and certain skills. But these operations are exactly what we can do for you.

Applying the adaptation of a template

Customizing and implementing a template is done in several steps, which largely depend on the type of template and what you want to change. We present below the steps to be followed in the most frequently encountered situations. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Steps to customize a template:


  • Pre-production
  • Customization and development
  • Completion of the project
  • Optimization and promotion services (optional)



Purchase the template

The first step is to select and purchase a template. To limit the number of changes that need to be made and, in this way, reduce the cost of the project, you should choose a template that is as close as possible to the result you want. Try to take into account the number of pages (for example, the number of buttons on the navigation bar), colors, styles, titles, articles to be displayed on the homepage and other pages, etc … Everything is editable, but of course, it is preferable that the number of elements that must be customized is as small as possible, thus obtaining a lower cost of customizing the template.
Also, a template must be chosen that is compatible with the technology you want to use for your site. For example, if a site based on a CMS (content management system) is desired, you will need a specific template, specially created for this technology. The same for an e-commerce site, an animated site…

For low cost and high quality, we recommend our template partner Monster Template which offers you a choice of over 30,000 templates, so it will be easy for you to find one that is easily adapted to your needs.

Request an estimate and analysis for your project
To be able to advise you and determine in detail the changes for your template, request a free estimate without any obligation. Try to detail your project as precisely as possible. Then please send us the files from your template, together we will draw up a small specification in which we will mention everything that needs to be added, changed and/or deleted.

Signing the contract

When we reach an agreement on the specifications, with details and deadlines for completing your project, we will send you a service contract by e-mail that will have as an annex the specifications drawn up together with you. You will have to return, by post or express courier, a signed and stamped copy.

The payment

Before starting work, payment of the total value of the signed contract is required.

Customer’s space

Once the contract has been signed and the advance paid, we will create a secure space on our servers where you can follow the live progress of the template customization work.

Domain name reservation and hosting

If you need it, you must reserve your domain name. For this and for hosting this domain, we can offer you a location on one of our servers. Many customers have been using us for over 10 years and enjoy an excellent price/quality ratio.

Gathering the necessary elements

Ideally and depending on the activity to be done, we will collect a maximum number of elements before starting to customize the template (logo, images, text, etc.).

Project customization and development

Template customization

In accordance with the detailed specifications, we will customize the template.


We ensure the development, implementation and testing of the proper functioning of all the features mentioned in the specifications.

Online progress tracking

Throughout the entire customization process, we consult with you and make the desired changes. You can follow online (in real time) everything that is being done on your project.
In accordance with the “total satisfaction” guarantee, your comments are taken into account in the customization process. We will notify you by email of any major progress.

Completion of the project

File delivery

After final payment, all custom template files are made available to you as a zip file.

Optimization and promotion services (optional)

In addition to customizing your template, we offer a range of complementary services (optimization, commissioning and promotion) to facilitate the launch of your website.

Optimization Services

To optimize your site, we’ll write and check image alt tags, titles, descriptions and keywords for pages. If necessary, we can also implement a URL rewriting system.

Putting into service

We can get your website up and running:
– favicon creation
– installation on the server of your choice
– database installation
– setting nameservers
– tests: dead links, scripts, forms…


We can do search engine optimization (meta tags, tags, image descriptions…).
We will create a sitemap.xml file and manually submit your site to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo…).