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We develop web sites which combine functionality with aesthetics: easy to use and which offers a remarkable experience to its users. Combining design with programming, we realize the best and most effective internet/ intranet applications, offering the possibility to companies to enlarge their benefits in competition with other companies.

We’re full of solicitude, listen and come up with solutions. We’re our client’s partners in the projects offered to us to be put to use and we integrate immediately in the needs of your company in order to show the best solutions to the problems subjected to attention.


About outsourcing of web services

By outsourcing web services, companies can focus on the activities in which they are specialized and which have a major importance in their functionalities. Outsourcing is a method of improvement of certain processes, offering financial resources and humane in other more relevant activities.
Here are some benefits of outsourcing:

  • Reduced exploitation costs
  • Better company focus
  • Gaining access at the capabilities of world class
  • Available intern resources for other needs
  • Non-critical business functions
  • Risk dividing
  • Better production and eliminating delays
  • Scalability
  • Additional benefits


1999 – The set up of Sitex S.R.L. with the social office of Iasi, having as object of activation the creation of internet and intranet applications.
2000 – within the company are working 12 programmers and 2 web designers. First launches of sites made by SiteXdesign.
2001 – Three intranet platforms are launched, dedicated to the societies which work in textile clothing in Ionh system, of auto services and stores of atop parts. We may add that these platforms are still utilized by our clients (proving an excellent projection which ensured the flexibility of the platform in favor of the multiple legislative changes).
2002 – The beginning of the collaboration with The Image Factory Web Agency from Chicago, society of Papamedia from India and S3G France, together with were launched over 100 web sites.
2006 – SiteXdesign is accessible in the Elance system in which were launched multiple web sites obtaining maximum score.
2009 – SiteXDesign is accessible as affiliation of Template Monster USA and starts offering also sites based on web templates.
2011 – The beginning of The Bordeaux (France) offices and raise of the number of francophone clients.
2012 – Start of collaboration with the Parisienne web agency L’Agence Web
2013 – Start of collaboration with the communication agency Thierry Clemens from Switzerland.
2015 – Start of collaboration with the web agency Autour du Commerce from France
2016 – Start of collaboration with the web agency Admonitus from Switzerland.

Why Romania?

As the new business model of the global economy expands, more and more companies around the world are being forced to seek highly skilled human resources outside their own borders, which is why most powerful IT companies in the West have focused their attention on companies. specializing in the production and development of software in Eastern Europe, in search of an ideal balance between high quality programming services and cost-effective solutions. Large IT companies transfer some of their software development operations offshore, targeting the offer of Eastern European outsourcing companies. Far from being just a “fashion” of the moment, the migration to the “offshore programming” model opens up new opportunities for IT corporations, under constant pressure from the need to reduce production costs, which in turn allows the final price of the product to fall. software, which implicitly attracts a better placement of the company. From this point of view, outsourcing can be a very effective weapon in the fight against competition.

Another interesting fact is that, in recent years, the concept of Rapid Application Development (RAD) has been felt in the IT field. This trend was driven by high demands from the software market in connection with the shortening of project development periods. But to shorten the development periods, RAD environments are not very useful in the absence of very serious training. And a serious training involves human resources, money and time, ie exactly the main advantages of outsourcing. Therefore, the service outsourcing model does not require training, and hiring additional staff to shorten development periods is usually not a problem.

Informationweek.com writes that for American IT companies “it is almost impossible to find good enough developers and even the not so good ones cost a fortune. In contrast, areas such as India and Eastern Europe have access to thousands of programmers, many of them with solid knowledge of Java or other internet technologies, available for 20-50 euros per hour.

The shortage of professional programmers will reach extremely high levels. This explains the interest of Western IT companies in finding reliable outsourcing partners in South East Europe. On the other hand, the countries of South-Eastern Europe have already seen unstoppable growth in the IT sector and, as a result, have become very attractive targets on the global IT scene. Due to the enormous potential that resides in these relatively recent markets, large IT corporations have realized that an outsourcing partnership with local companies active in these markets can bring them advantages beyond any expectations. The result has been that most software development companies located in Southeast Europe currently have various forms of collaboration with Western corporations, and many of the world’s leading software products are developed offshore, either in part or in full.

Under these conditions, software companies around the world are beginning to see Romanian companies as particularly attractive targets for outsourcing projects that involve not only creating specialized software, but also taking over maintenance or support services. What could be the main arguments for outsourcing with partners in Romania? Romanian companies with outsourcing capabilities have reached an unbeatable balance between the quality of services and the level of prices. If we take into account the access to the latest programming technologies and the flexibility that our market is capable of in terms of staff recruitment, the offer seems almost irresistible.

A few years ago, the general trend was to consider India as the default outsourcing destination, but now things are changing very fast, especially as most Indian service companies have started to raise their prices since they became stronger. and more accepted. Moreover, Indian programmers usually develop a project following very strict specifications. When problems arise, they simply report the problem and wait for new instructions. Romanian programmers rely much more on imagination to solve inherent problems; they look for alternative solutions to speed up the pace of development and manage to find the best way to solve the problem. Therefore, the applications developed by Romanian programmers are usually faster and more flexible than a vague idea such as “leave it to a Romanian programmer and he will finally bring you a successful product!”

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